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BLOOPERS  March 2021

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Besides the emotional turmoil and mental & physical exhaustion of making a feature film over five years, we had a lot of fun. 

Watch our *Clean* Bloopers here for a good time. Send us a message if you want the *Telestial/Unclean* version.


Alyssa March 2021

Meet the elegant and eloquent Alyssa. Her story is another one of those that we wish beyond all belief that we could've included in the full feature. Please enjoy this bonus short film where she tells the story of her extremely stressful interaction with the BYU #HonorCode Office. We were honored to interview her and wish her all the best!

Dr. "Roni Jo" Draper  March 2021

BYU Professor, USGA Board member, and beloved community leader

Meet Dr. Roni Jo Draper. In addition to a long and illustrious academic career, "Roni Jo" is one of BYU's most beloved #queer #ally. She is on the board of Usga Byu, she gives excellent hugs, and she is a fierce protector of the #SSA and #LGBTQ students on and around campus. We'll let her finish speaking for herself. We love you, Roni Jo!

the BYU Honor Code: Homosexual Behavior  December 2016

Students at Brigham Young University (BYU) read a paragraph of the university's Honor Code, entitled "Homosexual Behavior". Read the original Honor Code here:

"What's It Like Being Queer At BYU?"  October 2015

What's It Like Being Queer At BYU? is the video Maddy and Zoie made for Maddy's application into the BYU film program. It was shot and produced in only a few weeks on an old camcorder but it was the reason the filmmakers decided to pursue a feature length documentary about LGBTQ BYU students. 



"SAME-SEX ATTRACTED" is a powerful ensemble piece that presents the real, never-before-seen experience of being queer at “the Lord’s University."

Two LGBTQ alumni follow a handful of their fellow LGBTQ and Same-Sex Attracted peers at Mormon-owned Brigham Young University (BYU) as rumors of a potential relationship between the school’s only unofficial LGBTQ student group and the administration bubble up from the underground queer communities around campus.

Sizzle Reel  November 2018

Our Sizzle Reel is what we used as our first promotional piece to show our progress in Production as well as pique interest amongst our social circles.